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Textile Motorcycle Jackets

At Tuff Gear, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse collection of textile motorcycle jackets to make every bike ride memorable. Each textile motorcycle jacket is engineered with a multi-vent system, breathable fabric, and reflectors for your ultimate safety and protection in extreme climatic conditions. 

We are committed to quality and every textile motorcycle jacket is made of lightweight textile materials with high durability. Whether you are navigating daily or going on off-the-beaten-path weekend escapades, they will back you up. Enjoy thrilling and safe rides with a Tuff Gear textile motorcycle jacket.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Tuff Gear ensure riders’ safety?


We believe in maintaining the highest safety standards. Our textile motorcycle jackets have CE-approved armours with reflective elements.

Are these textile jackets breathable?


Absolutely! Tuff Gear textile jackets are made with entirely breathable materials to make you feel comfortable and free.

How do I determine the right fit while buying textile motorcycle jackets?


A size chart is given under each product that can help you find your perfect size. Take a measure of your body and compare it to the size chart given.

Are these textile jackets waterproof?


Yes, these textile motorbike jackets are 100% waterproof. Feel free to wear them on cloudy and rainy days.

Do these jackets offer flexible arm movements?


Yes, our jackets have flexible elbow and shoulder joints for effortless movement of arms and make you feel super flexible.

Are these Tuff Gear jackets suitable for men?


Yes, these Tuff gear textile motorcycle jackets are specifically designed for men catering to their requirements.

Can a textile motorcycle jacket protect me in the stormy weather?


We have outfitted our textile jackets with a covered zipper with a flap to protect them from wind and water. There is a secure button function to ensure strong holding of flaps making them a safe option to wear in storms.

What kind of textile material is used to make these motorcycle jackets?


Our jackets are made from 100% polyester textile materials that will make you feel soft and comfortable to wear.

Do these textile motorcycle jackets provide a perfect arm fit?


Yes, there are multiple adjustment straps on the arm to adjust it according to your comfort.

Can I wear textile motorbike jackets in summer?


Yes, our textile jackets feature a multi-vent system with two front and two back air vents for exhausts, making them an ideal choice for summer.