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Motorcycle Racing Suits

A Tuff Gear motorcycle racing suit is outfitted with supreme quality textile material and fits ergonomically to a rider’s body type and size facilitating flexibility. CE-approved armour is there for complete body protection to make your ride safe and memorable on on-road and off-track riding journeys. 

These suits have armours on elbows, shoulders and knees for impact protection, abrasion resistance, and multiple adjustable zip control vents. Available in one-piece or two-piece sets, these suits come in various sizes and colours with a body-hugging fit for men who enjoy riding. Explore our collection today and ride with the ultimate protection. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the features of a Tuff Gear motorcycle racing suit?


Our motorcycle riding suits are ergonomically designed armours on elbows, shoulders and knees for impact protection and abrasion resistance. There is CE-approved protection armour on the back for the lumbar area and full back body protection.

Does Tuff Gear offer a waterproof motorcycle suit?


Yes, our collection indeed has two-piece waterproof rain suits. Jackets have mesh breathable lining and a soft polyester on the outer shell making them highly suitable to wear in the heavy rains.

What aspects should I consider while buying a motorcycle racing suit?


Go for the basic features like the quality of the textile material used, CE approval, pockets, ventilation, and zippers. You must also not ignore the stitching details and its body fit.

What types of motorcycle racing suit options are available?


You can go for the leather suits or try out the ones suitable for rainy days. Similarly, there are good options available in the one-piece and two-piece suits as well.

Are there pockets available?


Yes, absolutely! There are pockets available to store your little stuff in a motorcycle riding suit.

What can I wear under my motorcycle riding suit?


While it depends upon your comfort and weather conditions, a cotton t-shirt will always do the job.

Is a Tuff Gear motorbike suit an ideal choice for bike riding?


Yes, a motorbike suit made with high-quality leather ensures maximum comfort and durability enhancing your riding experience. Tuff Gear provides primarily cowhide leather in its range.

How do these motorbike suits ensure the safety of my joint areas?


There are protective and flexible panels on joint areas to keep you safe. You will also find the armours on elbows, knees, and shoulders.

I am looking for a motorcycle racing suit that fits my body type and allows me ease of movement while riding off the tracks too. Does Tuff Gear have these options?


Yes, Tuff Gear motorbike suits give maximum freedom of movement while riding a bike. Our suits are crafted ergonomically with skin-friendly textile materials and add to the riders' comfort during each ride.