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Motorcycle Jackets

Tuff Gear brings you a comprehensive collection of high-quality, fashion-forward motorcycle jackets. Whether engaged in a daily commute or seeking off-road weekend adventures, our lightweight, breathable, and durable textile motorcycle jackets protect you from unpleasant weather circumstances. For each motorbike jacket, we offer trending and ergonomic designs to ensure that your sleek looks are not compromised but rather enhanced. 

With stretch panels, multiple adjustment straps, and CE-approved armour pads, our jackets are designed to withstand long road journeys and make you feel comfortable. Make your every ride safe and thrilling with Tuff Gear motorbike jackets. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these Tuff Gear motorcycle jackets ergonomic?


Absolutely! Tuff Gear motorcycle jackets are ergonomic, having stretch panels, pre-curved arms, and soft collars with strategic padding that allow freedom of movement while riding.

I am looking for a summer motorcycle jacket. Does Tuff Gear have options?


Yes, Tuff Gear has an extensive collection of summer-friendly motorbike jackets for men. These jackets have mesh panels that make them comfortable for hot days.

How to choose the right fit for my motorcycle jacket?


We have given a size chart below each product so you don’t have to worry about your right fit. Simply measure your size and choose accordingly.

What materials are used to make these Tuff gear motorbike jackets?


These motorcycle jackets are made from superior-quality breathable, durable, and lightweight textile materials to make your every ride comfortable.

What safety features are offered in the Tuff gear motorbike jackets?


Our motorcycle jackets are equipped with CE-level 2 armours at the shoulders, elbows, and back, multiple adjustment straps, and reflective and stretch panels ensuring maximum protection during a bike ride.

How to adjust the fit of my Tuff Gear motorcycle jacket after wearing it?


Our jackets come with multiple adjustment straps allowing you to fit the size according to your body measurement.

Do Tuff Gear jackets have pockets?


Yes, there are two zipper pockets at the outside of the jacket along with two inside pockets. You will find pockets on the liner too.

What style of motorcycle jackets does Tuff Gear offer?


Tuff Gear has a diversity of collections when it comes to style. From classic to sporty, adventure to trending, you will find everything in one store.

What is the meaning of CE-approved armour in the Tuff Gear jackets?


CE-approved, means that our jackets meet European safety standards enhancing your protection while riding.

Can I wear the Tuff Gear motorcycle jacket in every weather?


Yes, Tuff Gear motorcycle jackets are made to be worn in every season. They are compatible with the changes in weather conditions.